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Chercheur d'Histoires - Genealogy office

Welcome to the site of Chercheur d'Histoires, a genealogy firm in Paris and Île-de-France, present throughout the national territory and in most European countries. Sebastien Mouflier Verdal, its founder and director, has been a history buff and genealogist for more than ten years.

With 15 years of experience in historical associations, he puts his skills in genealogical and archival research at your service, for all types of private or institutional missions:

- Sbastien Mouflier Verdal, Genealogist -

Our guarantees

Interministerial Service of the Archives of France

As part of the missions entrusted to us, Sebastien Mouflier Verdal has received by derogation from the Public Prosecutor of Paris, access to the civil status of those under 75 years of age.

Circular AD91-9 of December 12, 1991 sets the conditions under which professional genealogists can have access to legally non-communicable information. This derogation from the general principle is in fact strictly framed and only concerns civil status documents and tax documents (Registration funds, etc.) that cannot yet be communicated. Documents that do not belong to these two categories (State ward files, court records, etc.) can be communicated under the same conditions as for any citizen.

Access to non-communicable notarial minutes (75 years for the general case or 100 years if a minor is the main subject of the act) requires authorization from the president of the regional court with territorial jurisdiction.